March 28, 2010

The Day the Earth Stood Still (Scott Derrickson, 2008)

WHAT IT IS: Klaatu, a representative from an alien civilization, lands on Earth to set in motion a plan that involves saving the planet Earth by destroying mankind.

HOW IT IS: The Klaatu character seems tailored for Reeves. From his detached sensitivity to his haughty demeanor, the impenetrable Klaatu is scary because he is so alien. The decision to transform the Cold War theme of Wise's version into an environmental one is actual but predictable in the wake of other recent environmental films and the current zeitgeist. Connelly and the rest of the distribution barely break a sweat and, at all times, seem conscious of the blockbuster nature of their movie. The plot is basic and clichéd, never attempting to break out of its Hollywood mold. In these aspects, Derrickson, the director, fails to create a world where this fantastic story would make either emotional and/or logical sense.

IF YOU LIKED: The Day The Earth Stood Still (Original), Independance Day, Cloverfield.