April 19, 2010

The Bourne Ultimatum (Paul Greengrass, 2007)

WHAT IT IS: Jason Bourne, an amnesic secret agent, decides to dismantle the spy agency responsible for his condition.

HOW IT IS: Ultimatum is a very intelligent thriller, and it does succeed in setting up a few surprises. Greengrass' documentary-like direction is beautifully kinetic but distracting at times. Gilroy's script pulls well the loose ends of the previous films towards a logical finale. Matt Damon seems to own his role more and more, becoming more Bourne with each passing film. The supporting cast is solid, with Joan Allen and David Strathairn deserving of mentions and Julia Styles just cute as a button.

I'm not a big fan of action/thrillers in general and this movie doesn't invent anything but, in the genre, Ultimatum is a strong contender.

IF YOU LIKED: The Bourne movies, The Fugitive.

INFO: http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0440963/